“Je suis India’s daughter” – Indian goverment stop defaming your daughter

India’s home minister has threatened action against the BBC, after it aired a film in the UK featuring an interview with an Indian rapist on death row.

The video that I managed to watch before it was taken down in Youtube shows the story of the victim’s meaningful life , the sorrow of her parents on losing her in this horrific way and the abject poverty and harsh environment that bred her killers. It shows the deep rooted bias against women ,in the psyche  of a portion the Indian society and passive acceptance of this bias in the remaining portion of the Indian society ,that facilitated this crime. It shows the massive response from another portion of the society – mainly women’s group and students – that banded together with unprecedented efficiency and demanded quick justice.

Here’s the link to the documentary..if its still working:

Now more than 2 years after this incident and uprising , when everyone has returned to their normal lives, without much meaningful change to prevent such incidents or stricter laws for rape (the frequency of which hasn’t abated), comes this documentary. And it gets banned in India. 6 men took Jyothi Singh’s (the victim)  right to her body , her intestines and her life. Now the Indian government has taken her right after death- the right to have her death become a meaningful one.

I will never understand the reasons that the Indian government has for this ban. I only know that the reasons, if any, are not pro-women. If they are concerned that this video will portray India and its criminal politicians in bad light, then they should focus on removing the bad elements ,not remove the spotlight.  The government cries that this documentary defames India. They are wrong; they are the ones defaming their daughter; our daughter; by banning this.

We need the debate that showing of this documentary will open up. We need the mirror that this documentary holds to a portion of our society so people can recognize themselves, the part they play and then…effect positive Change !

I keep emphasizing “a portion of our society” so that we all understand that there is another portion of the Indian society that is doing all the right things. But that ‘good’ portion needs to grow in size and infiltrate and influence the government.

There needs to be stricter laws, swifter justice for sexually based crimes against women in India to prevent these gang rapes in the short term.

For long term and lasting change, there needs to be education for boys and girls equally; education mandated and available easily to all children of all economic strata; with campaigns to remove the gender bias deeply rooted in the society.

The Indian government is working on ways it can ban this video outside India. My request to the international community is this… You all said “Je Suis Charlie”….Please now say “Je Suis India’s daughter”.


10 responses to ““Je suis India’s daughter” – Indian goverment stop defaming your daughter

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  2. Fighting words, comrade. I have a slightly bleaker perspective that this small portion might in fact be very large. That sexism is so ingrained into our communities that it has been frighteningly mistaken for culture.

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  3. Ansumani,

    with your blog you are preserving the dignity of Jyothi Singh. Thank you for honoring her this way. The video has been removed, as you expected.



    • It’s the little I can do to honor her and such victims.

      Try googling for the video as there can be other copies available if you are interested in watching it.


      • Ansumani,

        I had no problem finding the video on youtube. It is heart breaking to see the interview with her parents. To see lawyers having a similar mind-set as the convicted criminal is very disturbing. It takes a young generation to regenerate a society that is stuck in decrepit structures, denying half of its population the right to live in freedom, dignity and peace. No wonder the current establishment is censoring this documentation. They want to keep everything the way it is because they are the reason why it is this way. They feel challenged and attacked by those claiming their natural rights.

        Thanks again for this blog!


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    This post about sexism and acceptance of the rape of Indian women moved me deeply. We are all sisters on this small planet and if we don’t care for each other then who will?


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