It’s been a year!  A year since 200 or so girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria by Boko Haram. Of all the tragic anniversaries that gets marked in history, this too will be remembered.  In most tragedies though, the victims are dead and the only resolution is retribution or the pursuit of justice. In this  tragedy though , there are kidnapped girls out there still hoping that they will be rescued.  And that somehow makes it more tragic …to think something can be done yet to see nothing happen.

While women are fighting for equal pay and other social equality rights in developed nations there are women in the rest of the worlds still fighting the ancient enemy: religion.  Is the Nigerian government and the International community thinking, “Well, the girls are alive. Just suppressed. Forced to marry under the threat of being killed. Forced to live under the benevolence of a violent man. But alive and obviously fed. So why is that a big deal?”. I wonder if the inaction is due to international politics, logistics of fighting the enemy or just that they are ‘only girls’?


I wrote a piece few months ago in “Prayer” ….forcing a happy ending in fiction …It’s time to start pushing for that Happy ending in real life. It’s time to #BringBackOurGirls .


3 responses to “#BringBackOurGirls

  1. Absolutely agree. This is a stain on our humanity that it has been over a year and there has been no justice, no closure for these girls. It seems society sees the # not the lives, the souls. It is time for movement to be made and if we all cry out to God for these girls he will move on theirs and our behalf. God is our greatest hope. Thank you for bringing this to my forethought I will pray fervently.

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  2. Love the article! So true and this happens all over the world, but in so many places it is ignored or considered a way of life or is just not really acknowledged in passing.

    I pray for all the girls and women who go through this type of treatment. Because no matter what country, culture, religion or race it should not happen at all. We are not animals or objects!

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