“Did you brush?”

“I did!”

“I didn’t hear the water run”

“You go : ‘save water‘, ‘don’t let the water run‘. Now, You want me to let the water run huh? ”

“The brush is bone dry”

“I dried it”

Go brush NOW!

“You’re crazy you know!” I say and stomp away.

Mother is crazy. You can see it in her eyes when she stands over me at the Orthodontist. Laughing maniacally. Clicking pictures. Taking videos.  Who does that?! It’s so embarrassing!

You’re crazy” I want to scream.  As if she heard me, she giggles , “Yes, I’m craaaaaaazy!”. She sings that all the way home. CRAZY!



The above 104 word (true life )story is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week. PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

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42 responses to “Crazy!

  1. This piece has real bite.

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  2. Ha.. and I do love your picture.. But sometimes crazy moms are good.


  3. ouch… thats painful. Remindwd me of my childhood and recent visits.

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  4. Well, you certainly had fun writing this. Bravo.


  5. What fun! Thanks for the smile.


  6. Dear Ansumani,

    What mother hasn’t had this conversation with her child? You gave me cause to smile.




  7. Oh how many times have my kids done this. Funny.

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  8. This rings so true for mums with kids – great story.

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  9. I so remember this – trying to get my children to brush their teeth. I didn’t go quite so far as photography though – but I like it!


  10. Cue: Patsy Cline (“And I’m crazy for loving you.”)


  11. Oh the embarrassment! But I’d do it again. Good work.


  12. She certainly sounds a little bit tooth-crazy! I’m sure the kid will thank her later in life, though 🙂

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  13. i guess truth is more fun than fiction. 🙂


  14. Very cute piece. I don’t like to brush either; stop bothering that kid!


  15. I always enjoyed embarrassing our kids in public. When they’re teenagers it doesn’t take much. Great story.
    My dental hygienist has this sign in her office, “You only have to brush the ones you want to keep.”


  16. That mum is dental! (And funny). Great story.


  17. Yup, I’m glad that I was (am) a crazy mother. I’ll probably be a crazy grandma too.
    Cute story,


  18. Never brush off today what you may not be able to brush tomorrow.

    Cute story, we all relate to, whether as a parent or as a kid ( I learned to wet my brush and mush paste into it after the first time). She who must be obeyed started smelling my breath. I HATED THAT!



  19. Nicely done. I am reminded of my last visit to the dentist.

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  20. Wow! Now that’s a helicopter Mom.


  21. When you get to my age you’lll thank your crazy Mum. Good dialogue. Fantastic picture.


  22. Funny story. I didn’t have trouble with my kids. We had a good dentist, my son hates pain of any kind, and my daughter is an actor and has to look good. They saw all the work I had to have done and decided to be safe rather than sorry. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne


  23. Very funny dialogue, and I love the photo.


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