Finding Inner piece


“Now,  VayuMukt-Asana”, our Guru, clad in barely-there spandex, led us.

Watching her , I wonder if she has a spine. Her ribs poke out as she gets into position.  I wonder if she has any flesh.

The Guru’s stare brings me back to my lumpy self. I contort into… a ball of cotton. That’s the best I can do.

“To find my inner chakras”, “To open my third eye”, “For Inner peace”, my classmates responded when asked why they wanted to learn yoga. Me? I just want to find my bones.

“Next, we are going to do the “SuckYourOwnTail-asana”.

I quit.


This  exactly 100 word story is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge and “double-dare” posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.

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35 responses to “Finding Inner piece

  1. Ha.. love the thought of finding your own bones.. I wonder if yoga is the most efficient.. I hope so.. love the name of those positions.


  2. That’s a great lead-in to a sensible decision. Lovely piece of satire.


  3. lol, yoga is one of those exercises that’s supposed to be a good starting point but I can feel the judgment and challenges felt by your narrator very vividly.


    • More than the judgement it was the impossibility of the muscles and bones to mold into some of those ‘asanas’ …My narrator must have joined an advanced class 🙂


  4. Very funny! I’d quit also, who needs bones anyway?


  5. This made me laugh – well done.


  6. Dear Ansumani,

    Yep time to get out of there. Love the play on words in your title.




  7. Yeeks! I reckon if I tried yoga I’d snap. Sounds like a good time to leave.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s just a matter of finding the right guru preferable not one who is VayuMukt cos that can be bit of a gas 🙂
    Nice one.


  9. bykimberlylynne

    LOL’ed. Too familiar…:D My knees are supposed to go where? There’s other stuff there already. Great take.


  10. I’m still laughing.
    Namaste my friend.


  11. Great title, and very funny language. I love the poses. Shame she’s quitting, though. Being a ball of cotton is as good a starting point as any, and she’ll find those bones if she perseveres.


  12. Hehehe, I love Yoga, been practicing a very easy form for… fourty years, but still not thin and nimble, not totally stiff either, and it keeps pains and aches at bay. But I never go to classes, I’ve been once, things didn’t seem to have changed since then. Great take on the prompt, very funny.


  13. Ha! This made me laugh. I like the barely-there spandex leader. I know this feeling of being in pain while trying to relax. Yeah, right. Great story!


  14. That’s a great take on this picture. I love the SuckYourOwnTail-asana. 🙂 Funny stuff.


  15. Only one percent of the bodies in the world should ever appear in spandex.
    The rest of us need peril-sensitive sunglasses or strong drink.


  16. A great piece, ansumani. I used to have bones, but you sure can’t count my ribs now. Well done.


  17. My yoga teacher didn’t teach me these two asanas! 😉


  18. I enjoyed this immensely. I like the idea of finding bones but possibly not this way. 🙂


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