Chronically Lonely

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached.

Bob, had moved recently to the quaint rural town of Sherman.

After exchanging pleasantries, Bob said:  “My property tax bill is inaccurate..”

“Take a look , Gilbert”, the mayor handed it over to the town manager.

Gilbert took out a huge book.

“So what did you do in New York”, asked Mayor Tom.

“I was an attorney…..” .

Tom asked some more questions, pushing some muffins Bob’s way. Gilbert joined in, while shuffling  papers.

“…..and Twinkles died two days after. We buried her with my goldfish”, Bob was saying, tears streaming down his cheeks , three hours later.

“There ..There…Edna  will have some kittens soon. I’ll get you a new ‘Twinkles’ ,Tom consoled him.

“Come back tomorrow Bob. We will have sorted out your tax bill by then”, Gilbert added.

The stood at the door waving goodbye.  “It’s been a while since we spoke to Mr.Matthews”

“I’ll prepare his tax bill next”. Gilbert set to work.

———————————————end ——————————————————–

This story’s sad inspiration from the real world is the plight of millions of elderly who live alone and experience chronic loneliness. Sometimes you can feel like a victim once you are ‘stuck’ in a conversation with them…but it has always been worth the while spending the extra few minutes.


The above story was in response to ‘Monday’s finish the story’ flash fiction challenge. This unique flash fiction challenge  provides  a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. The challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. Details are available here:


8 responses to “Chronically Lonely

  1. So true! Especially as their friends pass, and family is far away. I do try to listen. And, they often have great stories to tell!
    Enjoyed your response to the prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely and sad as well. Wonderful take on the prompt!


  3. Nicely done Ansumani! I enjoyed your tale immensely. It is truly sad how the old that are alone are forgotten. Thank you for another fine addition to the MFtS challenge. Be well… ^..^


  4. Love your flash, a sad but true story of loneliness for many folks! Very well done!


  5. It sounds like the mayor and town manager are part-time therapists. It’s nice of them to listen to all the old folks.


  6. A lovely take on the prompt showing true compassion.


  7. Sort of a funny story but not funny knowing the truth to it. Yes, there are a lot of elderly that need a listening/caring ear. I enjoyed reading your story and you are right on about the elderly.


  8. Good story, Ansumani. This is common these days as more eldery relocate and move away from family and friends. Everyone is busy and they have little time to listen. Very sad. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


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