PHOTO PROMPT - © Jean L. Hays
PHOTO PROMPT – © Jean L. Hays

They labelled themselves: conservative, liberal, left-wing, right-wing, mavericks.

They differentiated themselves:  logos, banners, acronyms and colours.

They bought themselves each a TV channel , spraying their party ideals like graffiti on the airwaves.

They debated ,until their throats felt sand-paper, on what a woman should do/ not do with her body.

Their tongues spun like wheels endlessly on who should/shouldn’t marry.

But when it came to climate change,  they all stuck their heads in the sand ,like Ostriches , pretending not to notice the once green grasslands turning into quick-sand.

On election day, they asked me to pick one amongst the contesting read-ends. I picked the one with the nice rear-end.

————————————end ———————————————–

Found this interesting article when searching for pictures of Ostriches: http://news.yahoo.com/australians-bury-heads-sand-mock-government-climate-stance-104620653.html

(Can you spot the one maverick who is burying his head in the sand in his own unique way?)


This  100+ word story is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.

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37 responses to “Politicians

  1. Alas.. we base our election on things that should matter less, so they don’t have to show their face.. not easy to do a correct choice.


  2. So very appropriate with elections in the American future!


  3. Wonderful interpretation of the photo prompt! I enjoyed the rhythm of the piece. The phrase, “their tongues spun like wheels,” is just brilliant, as is the last sentence of the story. Loved it!

    Also enjoyed the photo of the beach protest. Very funny!


  4. Appropriate and clever


  5. Wonderfully written, excellent take on the prompt! Still laughing!


  6. Is democracy an illusion?


  7. Now if this story isn’t timely in America. WELL DONE. I enjoyed reading it.


  8. I think the selection protocol was wisely defined. Most of them talk through them anyway… Good one.


  9. That’s a smart look at the world. Time we made up our own minds!


  10. Dear Ansumani,

    Great photo and a great commentary on politics everywhere. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.




  11. Great photo and interpretation. 🙂


  12. There are probably worse ways to choose your representatives. Like believing their lies 🙂


  13. We’ve recently had our elections and I sure feel like kicking ass right now with all the broken promises appearing!

    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog


  14. The one with the legs up in the air?


  15. My guess is the one in blue shorts.
    A very appropriate and accurate use of the prompt. Sadly, we usually wind up having to vote for the lesser of two evils.


  16. Brilliant! And I found the Maverick, too. 🙂


  17. Wow! That was excellent. Loved the little twist at the end!


  18. Great description. You have to try to vote for the one who’ll do the least harm and hope they stick to at least some of their promises. Great twist at the finish. Well done. Funny protest picture. 🙂 — Suzanne


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