Memory lane

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

Searching through the narrow tunnels of gray

a memory arises, like a sliver of light piercing fog,

pushing aside the dark and dank:

gentle breezes,hair on tip-toe

deluge of drizzles, dizzily moist

fragrant earth, musky breath

flutter of butterflies, buttery fingers

velvety moss, finger-tip sparklers

benevolent sunshine, lukewarm inferno

Ah! the might of a stolen kiss!

—– end —-

This picture at first sight took me to a dark place but the light at the end of the tunnel led me  to the beginning of a tunnel: a hallway in my college, not very different from the picture in that it was long -dark-dank. At the end of that hallway ,during break, stood my boyfriend waiting for me, in front of the principals office…the best place to meet without generating  gossip.

I struggled to recreate that romantic moment in words..maybe because we wanted to steal kisses but actually didn’t …or maybe because the moment belongs to a different lifetime…or maybe it was a dream and this boyfriend was just a figment of my imagination.

My boyfriend and I lost touch on the day of my marriage…one minute he was there looking deep into my eyes, the next he was lost in the crowd. I have never seen him since…I suspect my husband is holding him captive in a dark underground tunnel..

I dedicate this poem to my one and only boyfriend on the occasion of his recent birthday.


This 56 word poem is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.

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23 responses to “Memory lane

  1. Would it be unchivalrous of me to say that I liked your explanation better than your poem?
    And in my opinion your husband is a lucky man, still looking into your eyes…


    • It would be honest of you and honesty is chivalry. I did struggle with the poem so I’m not surprised.
      And I keep reminding my husband, now and then, how unbelievably lucky he is 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice, what a sweet memory


  3. I liked that secret meeting mystery and how she thinks of her BF on his first birthday since her marriage. Could feel the desire and longingness. Good one!


  4. The poem is lovely! Engages all our senses in creating the memory. Sweet!


  5. Lovely memory and interesting true life in your explanation.


  6. Beautiful poem! I loved the alliteration in the middle and the “butterflies” to “buttery”.


  7. Dear Ansumani,

    The poem is sweet. However your explanation of it at the end could easily qualify as your story as well. I enjoyed both.




  8. Oh that story.. It gave the full strength to that poem. They are great when paired together.


  9. I found the poem beautiful. It speaks to the senses, the little memory snippets are very vivid and a sweet memory of young love. Combined with your explanation, it’s wonderfully romantic.


  10. Fascinating poem and story, with some intriguing layers to it. I felt like I was being pulled into this whirlpool of feeling and thought as I read.


  11. I agree. The poem was full of great description. The explanation at the end was like a story following it. I enjoyed both. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


  12. Dazzling use of the words.


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