The gate to No-man’s land

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

She is standing beside a corpse, hands bloody.

Who is he? Did she kill him? Why?  I probe. She remains silent. I glean from the scene that it was self-defence.

Police, K9 units, courts, media – No, can’t have her deal with all that.  I decide to bury him in the garden.

The garden gate isn’t opening though. I kick it hard. Still doesn’t budge. This is ridiculous.  I decide to cut the body up . I  try to pick up the chain-saw and I realize I’m paralysed.

Cleaning up murder may look easy on TV shows. It’s practically impossible in dreams.

————————- end —————-

Sometimes there are these intense, panicky dreams that wake me up. But in that waking process – in that no-man’s/no-woman’s land between the unconscious and conscious mind -the dream is  processed as if it were an actual event. The brain starts finding solutions to the problem in the dream- tries to put out fires – hide dead bodies . The memory of the actual dream is lost and I’m left like a detective with crime scene photos that get blurrier by the minute……Like a drunk stumbling upon a crime scene with blurred vision. Luckily my body remains paralysed in this sleep state otherwise you will find me searching for a chain-saw in the middle of the night and it would become very messy…Police , K9 units, courts and media…..


This 100 word story  is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.  This week’s photo was provided by fellow Friday Fictioneer/ storyteller David Stewart.

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40 responses to “The gate to No-man’s land

  1. They do make it look easy on TV, don’t they? With the scene all set up and tens of people working? 😀 Nice take on the prompt.


  2. Dear Ansumani,

    Interesting take or takes on the prompt. I’ve had dreams where I tried to move and couldn’t. Well done.




  3. Gee, if I murder somebody I sure hope you’re there to help clean up. A true friend always brings a chainsaw. Great story. 🙂


  4. Entertaining story, and an interesting observation about the nature of dreams.


  5. Thank goodness it was only a dream! Clever take.
    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog


  6. Gosh! That’s gory but well written. Dreams – well, what can I say? They are our companions in the dark hours.


  7. Creative idea — you turn it into a compelling story. And yes, I’ve had dreams like that too — the most bizarre thing happens, and my dream-self tries to think through the logical way to deal with it, as though that kind of thing is totally normal. Although I’m glad to say my dreams never involve dead bodies or chainsaws!


  8. Lucid dreams. They can be really horrible.
    Great job.


  9. That dream was a great twist, I didn’t expect it. We all experience the dream-paralysis, If I remember correctly, it’s our body’ s safety mechanism when sleeping and dreaming.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. May I suggest yoga and chamomile tea before bed? Yikes, sounds like you might be stressed out.
    Be well friend and get some sleep.


  11. Well, the thought was there! I wonder if they could have gone through with it if it weren’t a dream? Nice story with a great twist.


  12. That’s an intense dream, waking up must have been a relief!


  13. Things like that are practically impossible in dreams and it just gets worse and worse from there. Luckily, we can wake up from it. Nice story and a good, arresting opening.


  14. Nice interesting story.


  15. Wow.. awesome story.. pretty intense..:)


  16. Oh my goodness! I’m glad this was just a dream. I’ve often thought they make cleaning up a body too easy on TV. Ooh, I don’t want to think about it.


  17. Those are the dreams that stay with me for days, pulling me back into spiral thinking! Wonderfully told and chilling.


  18. Dreams can be strange. Sometimes I’ve tried to run in a dream and can’t move fast enough. It can cause a lot of stress. I’ve never had to dispose of a body as yet. Interesting story, and well written. 🙂 — Suzanne


  19. Loved your story asnumani, the dream was a great twist at the end! Happy to say I don’t have those type of dreams (well, any that I can remember anyway!)


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