The Electric chair

PHOTO PROMPT - © Dale Rogerson


Willowy, flexible, Spineless.

I mumble,  “Woman”.

“huh?”,eyebrows rise.

Grass. Stands back after being stepped on. Grows strong when mowed down. Woman.

“Woman”, I say loudly, adjusting  hand-cuffs, getting comfortable.

Wife kills husband  for no apparent reason– Newspaper headlines peeks over Dr.Ozster’s notes.

“Woman? Why?”

Dr.Ozster’s supposedly a TED-talking psychology expert, on evil and insanity. I’m his conundrum.


I wait until footsteps recede. We have always been discreet. Except one time…he’s dead though. Killed.

I gloat, ” …stumped Dr.Ozster today…”. I lean on her, sinking into her softness, my head soon touches the cold walls of the solitary confinement cell.

— End —-

This is an exactly  100 word  story. In “bold pink” because I’m proud of editing it down to a 100 from 180. Although it may not be apparent readily , due to the editing, that the Main character is asked to play a word association game by an expert to understand her psyche and discern the motive of her violent crime.

This story  is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields each week.  This week’s photo was provided by Dale Rogerson.

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15 responses to “The Electric chair

  1. A good take on the prompt. Dangerous and underestimated


  2. Dear Ansumani,

    Dangerous woman, that one.




  3. this is a powerful piece. touching to the core. well-written.


  4. That was chilling. Well done.


  5. I agree with the others, chilling, but also heartbreaking. She obviously had a reason… stepped on, mowed down… she probably didn’t see any other way.


  6. A bit unsettling, but definitely intriguing. Don’t usually come across “conundrum.”


  7. I liked the word association game and think her answer ‘woman’ was spot on.


  8. I could tell she had gone over the edge. She seems to also enjoy taunting the doctor. Intelligence and insanity can be a dangerous combination indeed. Some of the best examples of that were in the Batman movies. Well done, Ansumani. — Suzanne


  9. LOVE TED talks! A conundrum indeed! Great take on this prompt as well! 🙂


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