The Biggest ‘D’


Death. We have looked it in the face. We have our epiphanies when it plays peek-a-boo with us. Death is what we fear.

But Death , the on-off switch between living and not-living as we know it , is benign.

There is a more insidious one than Death.

It happens every second. It creeps upon us slowly, surely. It’s tendrils seeking every possible surface to latch on…finding purchase even in our slippery soul.

It hides in plain sight ,when you gaze in the mirror everyday, with it’s  imperceptible pace.

Have a epiphany now and change what you fear , from Death , to Decay.

— end —

This about 100 word piece of reflection  was written in response to a 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields each week.PHOTO PROMPT © Amy Reese

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29 responses to “The Biggest ‘D’

  1. I like the flow of this. I assume you’re talking about mentally & emotionally decaying while still alive. What a horrible way to go.
    The only fear that’s stronger, is that of Public Speaking.


    • Thanks Russell. Yes, I’m talking about the emotional kind of decay too.

      I keep hearing that Public speaking( with a big P) is the no.1 fear but I’m sure most people would rather choose public speaking over death if asked to make a choice 🙂


      • I would hope so. I recently joined Toastmasters and have been asked to speak at a memorial service on January 31st. I would much rather give the eulogy than be laying in a casket.


  2. Dear Ansumani,

    Nice flow and yes, some people decay before they die. Last line should be ‘an’ rather than ‘a’ epiphany. 😉 Good one.




  3. i think the point of the story is well taken. it’s something to ponder upon.


  4. I can almost imagine feeling my cells rotting away after reading that. Great piece!


  5. Very interesting – I’m pondering this one! There’s a lot to think about.


  6. Great take on the prompt, beautiful writing, and a lot of food for thought: the perfect flash fiction. 🙂


  7. Oh I like this a lot… death is just the switch… decay is the rot inside, a ticking clock of being… you are a true poet in creating metaphors… wonderful


  8. That’s for sure!

    Great story. Come see mine here.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Grim, huh. That is so pessimistic; beautifully told (apart from the spacing before the commas).


  10. A thoughtful piece. I’m not sure I agree but that’s a matter of semantics.


  11. Nicely done – its a grim little warning of something that awaits us all…great.


  12. Good story, Ansumani. Although I’d rather think of “aging” rather than “decaying”. Maybe it’s my age. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne


  13. This piece flows beautifully. Very well done, and a good warning, too.


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