The hundred and second use for Duct tape

PHOTO PROMPT - © ceayr

I find the Sables shackled, whimpering through duct tape…all except baby Sable whose knees pop bubble-wrap with every crawl. Where was Mrs.Sable?

I find her soon holding a gun in one hand, baby food in the other.

“Why?”, I croak.

“Baby’s knees can bruise…”

“WHY?”, I point to the ‘shackled’.

“Oh that! I was tired of them fighting with each other…tired of being stuck in the middle unable to broker peace. No fighting at our home now. But enough about us dear neighbour…I heard something about a gift your wife gave your mother…”

“Does duct tape work?”

—– end —–

Disclaimer: No, I haven’t tried duct tape to broker peace between family members. But I wish it was that easy.

This exactly 100 word work of pure fiction was written in response to a 100 word photo-prompt based challenge conducted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Picture courtesy of Ceayr: PHOTO PROMPT – © ceayr

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15 responses to “The hundred and second use for Duct tape

  1. Ha.. The thought of duct tape to control the family.. I have heard of prom dresses made from duct tape, so maybe it’s a cool housewarming gift really,

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  2. Well, it’s worth a try… 🙂


  3. Neat explanation of a novel approach.
    And you have a typo in your title, sorry.


  4. Dear Ansumani,

    Hm. I was a little lost in the midst of the bubble wrap and duct tape. Perhaps I should’ve tried duct tape to corral my boys when they were little. 😉




    • Rochelle, The bubble wrap was to protect the baby…the adults needed more ‘protection’ in the form of shackles and duct tape.

      It may be too late to use duct tape now for your boys ..but remember this remedy when the grandchildren come to visit 🙂

      Thanks for reading.


  5. it only goes to show necessity is the mother of invention. folks can find other uses for common household items. 🙂


  6. An inventive piece, nicely done.


  7. Hah, these are two very inventive families living side by side. I still chuckle about your ice-age, and now the neighbour is reinventing duct tape… better be careful in that neighbourhood. Fun story!


  8. I thought maybe the duct tape was to stop the singing. 🙂


  9. Haha. Well written and very witty (and The Ice Age too). I didn’t quite get the gun though…


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