Too late


The distant clouds promise, “I’ll soon be there”.

But I need them now to form a tear.

Like a heart contrite,

too late to set things right.

I know it will pour…

like an ocean with no shore.

But I need them now to form a tear.

For there is no time, I fear.



This less than 60 word poem  was written in response to a 100 word photo-prompt based challenge conducted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Picture courtesy of Erin Leary : PHOTO PROMPT © Erin Leary

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29 responses to “Too late

  1. Poignant. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Dear Ansumani,

    Not being able to cry is sometimes worse than not being able to stop. Nicely done.




  3. nice poem. i can feel the anguish and the pain.


  4. Well done. There are times that I feel the same way, too.


  5. Boy, I can relate. Too late to set things right, whatever they are. Whether he can’t cry or is on the verge of a flood doesn’t really matter.


  6. The pain of draught is the worst one .. Love your poem


  7. Too late is one of the saddest phrases. Well done, and in less than 100 words, too. 🙂


  8. We need lots of tears to make it right. I really enjoyed this. Nicely done.


  9. I echo everyone. Lovely, sad poem.


  10. Struggling with the piece. Metaphor or literal? Personal grief or hoping to end a drought?


    • Would you accept a literal Metaphor? 🙂

      It’s personal grief – the kind where one is remorseful but it’s too late to do anything – compared to a cloud that doesn’t rain when someone desperately wants it to.

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  11. Well done, Ansumani. Sometimes crying doesn’t come right away. We’re numb at first. —- Suzanne


  12. Maybe not that late, my dear 🙂


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