Amorphous Anchors


Like the slap of waves on rocky shores, grief never stops it’s assault.  Like a phantom limb  sensed by habit-worn nerves, grief senses the departed.

“I can feel Dad’s presence”, “Mom’s looking down”…we soothe ourselves. But some days we know it’s a lie  and  a sense of irrevocable loss opens up …a vacuum.

In that vacuum rushes in that formless, colourless, odourless thing  – called love or it’s sad synonym grief- for if there was no love would there be grief?  The heart moves on …like the slap of waves on a rocky shore.


salt and water

anchoring life

to earth

— end —

This 100 word Haibun – a prose and poetry combination –  was written for the 100 word photo challenge. More details about this challenge can be found at:

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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41 responses to “Amorphous Anchors

  1. This is beautiful, sad, and contamplative. Well done!


  2. Very beautiful and moving!


  3. A lovely poignant write!


  4. Thoughtful and lovely.


  5. This is really good. I’d have to agree–without love there would be no grief.


  6. Very nicely told. I could feel their grief


  7. Grief is one form love takes I suppose – not all her forms are kind. Thought provoking piece.


  8. Beautiful, Ansumani.


  9. Love this, its sad but beautifully written x


  10. Yes, I do agree that without love you wouldn’t have grief. It’s a tough one. But love is worth it in the end. Really, it’s all we have on this earth. Love the poetry at the end. Beautiful piece.


  11. Beautiful. I agree – love and grief go hand in hand.


  12. Ah yes, we console ourselves with those thoughts, because it’s so difficult to accept that they are gone. Love is pleasure and pain both. Beautifully sad.


  13. I’m not familiar with the Haibun form, but I like it very much. You’ve done it justice, obviously. Love and grief — they go together. They make us more human, hopefully, more appreciative of what we have.


  14. Dear Ansumani,

    Lovely haibun about the human condition.




  15. A beautiful expression of grief


  16. Maybe it’s the sea that evoke such sadness, the waves are caresses set to soothe…


  17. Sad but very realistic depiction of dealing with grief and love.


  18. …like the slap of waves on a rocky shore. A perfect simile. A moving and poignant piece indeed.

    My secret beach


  19. Lovely haibun, Ansumani. You’ve painted a beautiful word picture here.Well done. —- Suzanne


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