Copyright -John Nixon

We – me the puppet and you the string.

Whose tune are we dancing to?

Whose failures are we rectifying?

Whose success are we recreating?

Whose dreams are we carrying?

Whose ideology are we fighting for?

Whose wishes are we fulfilling?

Whose prejudice are we guarding?

Whose life are we trying to live?


When this act is over

and we are stored safely in a box

Who will take the stage and tell our story?

Of you and me – We.

We – me the puppet and you the string.

— end —



This 87 word poem/prose  was written for the 100 word photo challenge. More details about this challenge can be found at: https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/17-june-2016/

PHOTO PROMPT ©Copyright -John Nixon

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34 responses to “We

  1. There is a strong esoteric theme to this post. Excellent.


  2. Very thought-provoking.


  3. So many unanswered questions. Interesting.

    My 100 words!


  4. We like to believe we are making choices freely… but do we… the thoughts of those strings is chilling.


  5. Hmm…
    Very thought provoking.


  6. love the last line especially.


  7. Whose indeed? I would like the answers to those questions – if they exist.


  8. Good questions. I especially like, “Whose life are we trying to live?”


  9. If all people asked themselves these questions regularly, we wouldn’t have so many problems. Very thought provoking and great take. I love it.


  10. Good questions, and very meta toward the end, because we know who is telling the story – this poem is – and that wraps up the whole question of boundaries. I liked it. Good one


  11. I really liked this. I mean, really.


  12. Dear Ansumani,

    A lot layered between those lines. Exquisite piece.




    • Thank you Rochelle. I was just focusing on getting back to the habit of writing the first thing that comes to the mind on seeing the picture without double-guessing myself and it turned out well.


  13. i guess all the questions raised can best be answered by the one pulling the string.


  14. Great writing, such poignancy! Almost like mine!


  15. Large themes explored here, well done

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Powerful piece, Ansumani. All we can hope to do is our best. Well written. —- Suzanne


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