Of Comets and Mavericks

copyright -Janet Webb

We walk in the path of trailblazers of all kinds. Copying the actions of the first mammal to walk on its hind legs to copying the latest fashion trend filling our shopping carts with  $200 brand new ripped jeans.

Some scientists say we blazed our way into this earth on the backs of comets- rocks of ice – that brought the water we are made of and can’t live without.

Yet we hesitate to walk in an untrodden path… Hesitate to support the maverick..not knowing that one day that the trail these mavericks blaze could become the road frequently traveled.

— end —

This 99 word piece  was written for the 100 word photo challenge. More details about this challenge can be found at:



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16 responses to “Of Comets and Mavericks

  1. That’s an essay rather than a story, but I liked the idea very much. I guess the difficulty is knowing in advance which are the new paths and which are the dead ends


    • Thanks Neil. This is not a story…I usually label it a “piece”. Usually these musings act as the premise for a story and I didn’t have time to convert it to a story form.


  2. I love this. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and true.


  3. So thought provoking I read it 4 times!


  4. Thought-provoking piece 🙂


  5. Oh yes. I agree. The tendency seems to be to follow the trodden path, rather than to make a path that future people may choose to walk on! Beautifully constructed piece.


  6. Nicely thought out.


  7. we need mavericks. at the same time, we need balance. we need folks to sustain what the trails that these mavericks have blazed.


  8. Dear Ansumani,

    Good to see you back. I enjoyed this piece from beginning to the twist on Robert Frost last line. Thought provoking and well constructed.




  9. We are hesitant to step out of our box, aren’t we? Almost every new invention has been ridiculed as folly. Yet, people act like lemmings when Pokemon Go comes out. Go figure.


  10. Thoughtful piece – well written.


  11. I see Liz (above) has already commented what i was thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Very thought-provoking, deeply layered.


  13. This is true and often happens. Good writing, Ansumani. 🙂 — Suzanne


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