“You collect stones Boss?”

“Stones! These are Shiva Lingas. Haven’t you heard of Swami  Regurgitananda?  Every full-moon day Lord Shiva descends into Swami’s body while he dances in a trance. At the end of the dance the holy spirit transforms into a stone and the swami spits it out. I’m so blessed that the Guru gave me these Lingas to worship at home…Only top donors can get them!” , Ram’s finished proudly.

“Hahaha ! now you’re going to tell me that yellow stone was pulled out of your Swami’s …”

Ram’s offended face stopped Tanu short. He had stirred up a hornet’s nest. Time for a new job.

— end —

Pulling up Lingas out of the mouth is a favorite regurgitating pastime for some ” Swamis”. Many  such Swamis end up in a prison cell but with a billion people ,India keeps some of these Swamis in business.

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8 responses to “Regurgit-ananda

  1. What an interesting story… Not sure I would want to keep them though.


  2. Quite a curious thing to do!


  3. Dear Ansumani,

    I must confess that I laughed at what Tanu almost said. 😉 A new bit of culture I knew nothing about.




  4. Nice metaphor from the prompt. Well written.


  5. Very exotic. I love the dialogue – and the ending is priceless. Funny stuff.


  6. That was fun.


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