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The porcupine suit


“Pinafores have to be an inch above the knee” , Mrs. Victor says sternly. My uniform dangles below my knee.

Does she come to school in a flying saucer? Hasn’t she seen the public bus during rush hour? Doesn’t she know that errant males amidst the safety of a crowded bus put their hands up short pinafores? I knew better than to ‘talk back’ so I’m quiet.

“Any questions?”, she asks. I want to ask: what do these men gain in a few seconds of groping?  But this is something we don’t discuss with adults.

I walk away wishing that our school uniform was a porcupine suit.

—– end —-

I seriously dreamed of designing something like to this to wear to school:

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/toonzguru/suited/

Picture of a bus in Chennai, India during rush hour.

Image result for MTC bus chennai crowded

Photo credit: Indian express

Sexual harassment of women/girls, by strangers in broad daylight in front of adult men and women – who seldom called out on the perpetrator – was common place in the crowded buses of Chennai, India. The crowd offered these “asstards” the perfect excuse for unnecessary brushes and groping. Many times one can’t point out the exact perv amongst the crowd compounding the problem. There is more awareness now  and more women are coming forward to lodge complaints with the police ,yet , it’s an ongoing problem.

If you are an adult who sees such harassment in public buses, please speak up….usually people wait for a leader who can raise their voice and then join forces to support them…so you will never be alone.



This about 100 word ” story” is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.  This week’s photo was provided by Ron Pruitt.

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