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Saturn’s rings

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

“He will see the caller-id and won’t pick up”, Su said.

Undaunted I pressed the call button. The rings started after a seconds pause. At the second ring Su said , like an expert in psychology, “Wanna bet?”.

The rings continued. Third. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth.  Su’s eyes twinkled with  a “I told ya”  yet Hope framed that black cloud of smug knowledge, like a silver lining.

The rings continued. Seventh. Eighth. My heart, an expert diver, was getting ready for the plunge.

The ringing stopped. A second later we heard a “Hello”.. that voice turns me into a poet:

“You are the Moon that never wanes

On my darkest nights”

—————- end ————–

This true ‘story’  happened two days ago when my husband, younger son and me sat in the backyard star-gazing (my husband was pixel gazing).  I said that I was going to call my older son at a summer camp 200 miles away. My little one is the “Su” in the story…the Mr. Know-it-all …who secretly misses his brother more than us.

The owner of the “Hello” is my oldest son, who is learning the art of ignoring his parents at summer school and getting quite adept at not returning our calls or texts.

Pleased after speaking to our heart’s content, we continued to star-gaze and found to our amazement that the ‘not twinkling star’ was Saturn. Googling confirmed that in August 2015 Saturn is the most visible planet on the night sky , without a telescope. With a medium telescope the site said that we could see Saturn’s rings. But we had enough ‘rings’ for that night so we continued to watch it with our naked eye ..marvelling on how we couldn’t see the neighbouring town that was 5 miles away, yet see Saturn that was around 1.2 billion kilometres away.


This 109 word story is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week. PHOTO PROMPT © Madison Woods.

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