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No forwarding address

The new guy to join our Commune, is running towards me waving an envelope.

I wait until he is within earshot, ” By the way, I forgot to tell you rule# 98. If any misdirected letter arrives in your mailbox, it’s not a mistake. It’s God’s will. He works in mysterious ways, Remember! If there’s a check, the money is yours. If it’s a love letter, it’s God’s way of saying that he loves you”.

“What if it’s a bill?” he asks, still panting.

“Simple. You pay”, I say.

I hurried to the office, I better write down rule#98 in the big book of rules.  The damn IRS! How did they track me down in this “middle of nowhere”  “the off-the-grid” Commune? Them and their back-taxes!

As I write the rule down I wonder…Who sends love letters nowadays?

—— Inspired by the fast approaching tax deadline on Apr 15 ———-