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Red Herring


PHOTO PTOMPT © Lucy Fridkin


“Stay with the school for your own safety”, Martha had warned.

“Martha’s a coward”, I had talked behind her back.  Today I’m dying for that one sin…two if you count trusting that Orange-faced clown as a sin.

He seemed innocuous from a distance – a prankster.

“Want to smell my breath? It’s the freshest in the whole wide sea. There is no breath that is freshest than mine. Come closer and you can see for yourself.  My fins may be small but my breath is amazingly fresh. Everyone likes it bigly”, he had said.

The rest is unfortunately history.


Note: Orange-faced clown is probably not going to be happy with me using this picture showing his double-chin 🙂

Stay together Herrings and maybe we can live through this !

PHOTO PROMPT © Lucy Fridkin

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Above image maybe copyrighted to Reef builders Inc.