Gurgle, Gurgle….


They said the view at the top was amazing. You could see Russia …. they said.

This “they”…you know who I’m talking about right ? …’they’ say so many things. But we need to listen to that inner voice… inside our own gut…granted the inner voice doesn’t speak sentences and fancy words like this ‘they’…it just gurgles sometimes…It’s a language of just one monosyllable -one sound – for all situations…..but it is never to be ignored.

“Come on , it’s just $5″….’they’ said. I ended up with $30 of dry-cleaning expenses because I ignored that ‘gurgle’.

——– end—————-

This 100 word story  is written in response to the 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Field each week.  This week’s photo was provided by Ted Strutz.

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30 responses to “Gurgle, Gurgle….

  1. Nicely done, I like the idea of an inner voice gurgle


  2. Fun last line. I’m pretty sure that would happen to me too 🙂


  3. Should send the cleaning bill to “they”.
    Good piece.


  4. Hahahaha! I loved that “gurgle” which ended up in dry-cleaning expenses. Great story!


  5. I think that’s why it’s called gut feeling, that inner voice.


    • Some science researchers theorize that the brain may not be the only command center and the gut is equally capable….although I guess we need both to function as a whole.


  6. I can barely even look at this picture – my inner voice would definitely want to stay away. Good to learn to speak gurgle I guess.


  7. I love the gurgle. Wouldn’t want to have to clean it away though. 😉 “They” are always wrong. Always… Just like “what everyone knows” is never true.


  8. Can’t handle those rides either… “They” couldn’t convince me otherwise! I like the nod to the inner voice here.


  9. Funny – though the memory you conjured up isn’t!


  10. Always a bad idea to listen to them rather than inner voices, no matter how unintelligible. Neat take.


  11. Dear Ansumani,

    You said so much without giving us the gory, gurgling details. Well done.




  12. Simple and straight forward. Nicely done.


  13. That particular gurgle is sometimes hard to suppress. When “they” said you could see Russia from there, I thought the view must have been from the top of Sarah Palin’s ego.


  14. Hilarious, Ansumani. I wonder if she ate a lot of fairground fast food before going on that ride. We should never ignore our stomach. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne


  15. Ahh the literal gurgle not the figurative one..always best to know the difference.


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