Dear husband,

Would you let our garden go to weed because your distant cousin doesn’t love roses?

Would you let the paint chip and peel because the street vendor doesn’t like the colour?

Would you erect high walls blocking light because a thief robbed someone a continent away?

Would you let that bitch-in-heat sniffing  fire hydrants take a dump in our marital bed?

No, you wouldn’t let anyone ruin our house. Our house – it’s a beautiful thing.

Can you treat our marriage the same way? Our marriage – it’s a beautiful thing too.



— end —

This less than 100 word letter was written for the 100 word photo challenge. More details about this challenge can be found at:

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

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26 responses to “Ruins

  1. Ouch! A powerful message filled with a lot of pain. Well executed.


  2. i see warning signs — if she has to write him a letter.


  3. A neat take on this one. Well done.


  4. That was well done, and a good take on the prompt. I’m not sure whether ‘martial bed’ was intentional but if so it was a very good pun.


    • Thank you Sandra. No, “martial” was un-intended from a spelling perspective but turns out to be very apt for the situation in the story. It should be “marital”. It’s interesting how transposing two letters in a word changed the meaning , yet didn’t change the theme in this case.

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  5. I sense he may be chasing a bitch in heat. I like the letter format. Great job.


  6. Nice! I expect that letter will come up at the divorce hearing.


  7. I think this is a letter that is either accepted or actually will just make it worse… as soon as you need to remind someone of all those simple things disaster is close.


    • The original version of this letter was “suicide” letter where the wife explains why she has chosen to burn down the house with herself in it. That’s where the muse took me…but I didn’t want to make it hopeless or endorse suicide so I changed the tone of the letter.

      Thanks for reading Bjorn.


  8. WOW! That story was a punch in the gut – powerful, bitter, angry, and full of pain. Beautifully executed, Ansumani!

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  9. There seems to be more than one issue here. I hope he gets the message. What a great take on the prompt, and beautifully written.


  10. It sounds like she needs to “take out the trash”. Good riddance.


  11. Whoa!
    And what I mean by that is …wow!


  12. Dear Ansumani,

    Powerful piece. I wonder if the message was heeded. Well done.




  13. She let him have it! Good for her. I hope he’s listening.


  14. I can almost feel the pain in that letter. It looks as though they don’t discuss their problems. This couple needs help. You’ve done an excellent job of giving the feeling of a deeper hurt beneath the writing. Well done, Ansumani. —- Suzanne


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