A speck…

PHOTO PROMPT - © Adam Ickes

“Write to me everyday”, he said.

I nodded-  Words stuck like a broken down car on a lonely highway.

I stood near the ‘Ticketed passengers only’ sign watching him walk the long corridor  to his flight until he was a speck…in my eye.

I went back to our empty apartment. Each day  a penance until his return.

19 years later:

“Text me everyday”, he says.

I nod.

I watch him  walking the long corridor to his flight until he’s a speck…and break into a jig.

Each day is going to be a party!

—end —-

This 100 word story may or may not be a true ,depending on who’s asking 🙂

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Adam Ickes





25 responses to “A speck…

  1. Dear Ansumani,

    A lot can change in 19 years. Well structured, well told story that made me laugh at the end.




  2. Though love turns frogs into princes, marriage turns them slowly back again huh? (in Marge Piercey’s words)


  3. Ha, this made me chuckle. A tale of marriages that is universal?!


  4. I think we can safely assume she’s over him now. Wryly done.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I thought it was funny too. I knew a man who was a salesman for 43 years. He would leave Sunday evening and return home on Thursday afternoon. I always wondered how his wife adjusted to him being underfoot when he retired.


  6. Ha! It’s nice to get a bit of “me time” after 19 years! I like your illustration of how things can change in a long-term relationship.


  7. LOL. I love the repitition, and the punch line. After 19 years, a bit of a time out will do her good.


  8. i wonder what happens when he retires? 🙂


  9. For some couples, the magic lasts their whole married lives. For others not so much. That’s life. 😐 Good writing, Ansumani. 🙂 — Suzanne


  10. Good story but your disclaimer is priceless. I wish I’d used it myself a few times.


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