Missed connections

PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

Prologue: May -1996

I unzipped the suitcase holding my entire life’s belongings and stuffed some into my carry-on shoulder bag. The airport check-in counter lady eyed the scale, nodded when the desired weight was reached, and handed a boarding-pass.

I bent to pick up the shoulder bag – it didn’t budge.

That moment, weighed down by the unknown future,  I discovered a strength I didn’t know I possessed.  I hauled that heavy bag and ran alone to make a connecting flight – to lay the foundations of a home that didn’t exist.

— end —

(This week I went over 100 words and so breaking it up into two parts if you choose to read further)

Sequel  : Feb 2015

“I wish Dad was here. He would know what to do if we miss the connecting flight”, my little one said. He eyed me (his mother) warily  not fully trusting my ability to take him home – the history of my solo journeys forgotten.

That moment I discovered I had chosen- without choosing –  to forget my strengths – to miss many connecting flights on journeys never taken.

With a flick of a wrist I slung my bag over my shoulders and ran behind my children to catch the connecting flight -lost dreams weighing heavily on my shoulders.

–end —

This two part – about 100 word each auto-biographical story –  was written in response to a 100 word photo challenge  posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields each week. PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

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25 responses to “Missed connections

  1. I can’t imagine getting all my belongings into one bag. But often think that would be wonderful. There’s a lot of hope in this piece.


    • I was just starting out…fresh out of my parent’s nest …and also back then there were fewer “possessions”, so it all fit in a suitcase.

      You are right that there is a lot of hope. Thanks for reading.


  2. Dear Ansumani,

    “I had chosen–without choosing…” well put and beautifully said. There’s a story in that one line.




  3. I agree with Rochelle… all the weight of the story is that line…


  4. I too have missed many “connecting flights”, sadly.


  5. Very good, I enjoyed the mood of this piece.


  6. Great story, so much told, between the lines, too. Sometimes life weighs us down in a way that overweight bag never could.


  7. The kid’s remark sure drained his mother. We all have our baggage. Some days it’s light, and other times it’s all we can do to drag it behind us.


  8. Strong piece. I think this line, “That moment I discovered I had chosen- without choosing – to forget my strengths – to miss many connecting flights on journeys never taken” is at the heart of your story. We have baggage that weighs on us and dreams that we let go, but hopefully we can begin again with new hopes.


  9. There is so much in here!
    My husband and I arrived in the US with summer clothes, a frying pan and a duvet – odd selection I know but enough at the time to start a new life. Why did things later get so cluttered and complicated?


  10. it really pays to to travel light and learn to let go.


  11. Both parts work really well.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Both fascinating, carrying the heavy weight of a prior life into a hopeful new one.


  13. How sad, to helplessly follow the path you never chose.


  14. Clever way of portraying the ups and not ups of life’s journey.


  15. Sometimes I feel I’m carrying all my stuff on my back through life. Many young people today don’t collect so much. They’re more mobile. Good story, Ansumani. — Suzanne


  16. Reminds me of the song by Whitney “i didn’t know my own strength”.

    Sometimes we just need that shove to reconnect with it.


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